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San Giovanni Evangelista

Scuola francese del XVIII secolo

Saint John the Evangelist

French school of the eighteenth century

Oil painting on canvas

82 x 64 cm.
In frame 102 x 84 cm.

D22-092 € 4.400 Request information

In this pleasant painting we see the portrait of the evangelist John, holding a pen in his hand while writing the pages of the Gospel, while behind him it is possible to recognize the profile of an eagle, his typical iconographic attribute.

The graceful face, which still reveals the devout attitude, which gives the painting a more intimate and delicate, not excessive religiosity, is one of the typical characteristics for works intended for domestic devotion, as in the case of this Saint John.

From the representation of the Saint the freshness of his features immediately stands out, he is in fact portrayed as young and handsome: and it is precisely this iconographic peculiarity that makes the work fascinating and very pleasant, probably commissioned for a private room.

The painting presents the peculiarities of eighteenth-century French portraiture, characterized by a soft drawing and a wise use of light. The rather marked chiaroscuro and well-calibrated shades produce an excellent result thanks to the play of light on the face, highlighted by the dark background of the scene.

The painting has been relined and is in an excellent state of conservation with the colors still bright and a very healthy pictorial layer.

The painting is sold together with a nice golden frame.


The work is sold with a certificate of authenticity and a descriptive iconographic card.

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