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Idillio tra Venere e Adone con Cupido

Paolo Caliari detto il Veronese (Verona 1528 - Venezia 1588) Bottega/cerchia

Paolo Caliari known as Veronese (Verona 1528 - Venice 1588) Workshop/circle

Idyll between Venus and Adonis with Cupid

Oil on canvas

96 x 67 cm
Framed 122 x 92 cm.
D23-087 Sold Request information

The subject of this painting is taken from classical sources and particularly from the Latin poet Ovid, who in his Metamorphoses tells of the passion between Venus, goddess of beauty and love, and the beautiful young mortal Adonis.

Lost in love with her beloved, thanks to the help of an arrow shot by Cupid, the goddess is said to have decided to follow the handsome hunter everywhere in his hunting activities, no longer minding the trappings of his charms and his usual occupations.

Despite the fact that Venus constantly urged Adonis to be cautious while hunting when confronted by ferocious beasts, one day, while chasing his dogs and disregarding the goddess' recommendations, the proud Adonis unfortunately met his death, wounded in the leg by a wild boar.

The author of our magnificent canvas does not depict the tragic epilogue of the story, but rather the moment before it, imagining Adonis - in his hunting attire reminiscent of an ancient warrior - determined to depart despite Venus' languid embrace, attempting to regain his bow, taken from him by the goddess with the complicity of Cupid.

The goddess is represented here as a classical Venus, naked and facing the viewer, with her breasts uncovered and only a drape covering her pubis, while Adonis is depicted slightly behind her. Beside the two characters, little Cupid observes the idyll, almost intimidated, with a hunting dog at the bottom right already stretched out towards the imminent hunt.

The painting, which we can still easily place in the production of the late Venetian Renaissance, is distinguished by the sensual intertwining of the gestures of the two lovers, although what stands out is undoubtedly the exhibited sensuality of Venus's nude.

Admiring the compositional choice and stylistic details of the painting, we are inclined to attribute its authorship to the workshop or circle of Paolo Caliari known as Veronese (Verona 1528 - Venice 1588), who dealt with this subject in numerous variants and who, over a career spanning approximately 40 years, made use of the collaboration of an active workshop composed of permanent members, as well as the collaboration of numerous so-called 'occasional' outside helpers.

It is therefore difficult to establish whether it is the work of an artist from the master's workshop or one of the artists with whom the Veronese artist had the opportunity to work. These included the great architect Andrea Palladio, who called on him to fresco many of his splendid Venetian villas, and painters such as Domenico Brusasorzi, Bernardino India, Paolo Farinati and Giovanni Battista Zelotti.


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