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Scuola fiorentina di inizio XVII Secolo

Il Giudizio di Paride

Florentine school of the seventeenth century
The Judgement of Paris

oil on canvas

cm. 58 x 74
with frame 70 x 85
D23-044 € 5.500 Request information

The episode depicted in the canvas offered here is that of the Judgement of Paris, an episode from Greek mythology, legendary for having contributed to the beginning of the Trojan War and (in the later version of the story) to the founding of Rome.

We see, on the right, the Trojan hero Paris, immortalized in the guise of a young shepherd, who by order of the god Zeus must choose which of Juno, Minerva and Venus is in his judgment the most beautiful of the deities, also depicted in pastoral garb, and to one of whom he will later deliver the famous apple.

He was already captivated by the gaze and form of Venus, lying unclothed with one breast exposed, preferring her to the other two, portrayed behind her. His choice was also conditioned by the goddess of Love's promise to make Helen (formerly the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta), the most beautiful woman in the world, fall in love with him. Once proclaimed victor, Venus helped Paris kidnap Helen, triggering the terrible war.

Stylistically, the work, executed in the 1600s, fully reflects the dictates of Tuscan matrix painting, Florentine in particular. The immortalized figures still evoke Mannerist models with their pronounced exaltation of body features and the plastic strength of the drawing, as well as the contrasting colors used and their marked chiaroscuro effects.

Relevant stylistic affinities can be found with part of Alessandro Allori's catalog, both in the rendering of the figures and in the color choices used (see, for example, the detail of the robe of the goddess in the background on the left with that of the Samaritan Woman at the Well from Allori's fresco in Santa Maria Nuova in Florence: link).

The work is in good state of preservation, complete with a carved gilded wood frame.


The work is sold complete with a pleasing frame and comes with a certificate of authenticity and descriptive iconographic card.

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